Conference rooms are available for rental and provide convenient spaces for company meetings, seminars and larger gatherings. Rooms can be laid out for any purpose, including conferences, classes, and speeches.
  The medical clinic is staffed by an internist and a generalist, and there is also a dentist's office to provide for day-to-day employee health management.
  A bank and post office are located in the first basement to take care of day-to-day financial and correspondence needs.
  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, banquets, meetings, teatime... the "Square 8" business restaurants on the 8th floor cater to all wants and needs with a variety of Japanese, Western, Chinese and light cuisine.
  The first basement contains a number of restaurants, shops and services to provide for daily business needs.
New York Grill
  The luxurious Park Hyatt Tokyo occupies floors 39-52. Designed as an "urban retreat," the hotel boasts three restaurants, two bars, a lounge, and a refined, cosmopolitan atmosphere.
  Restaurants & Bar
・New York Grill
・New York Bar
・Peak Bar
・Peak Lounge
  A free shuttle bus provides transportation from the west side of Shinjuku Station to the Shinjuku Park Tower.
  The Atrium is bathed in natural light, and the Fountain Plaza is full of lush greenery, providing places to relax and enjoy life.
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