The basic office floor is approximately 4,500 square meters in area. The rentable 3,300 square meter space is entirely open, with no pillars. Ceilings are at the international standard of 2.7 meters to create a more comfortable, human-oriented design.
  Floor plan(108K)
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Layout plan(664K)
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entrance for office
  A 90 millimeter space under the floor provides for flexible wiring of office equipment. Outlets have a generous 50VA/m2 of capacity.
  Each floor has a zoned air-conditioning system to make it easier to change office layouts and individualize air-conditioning parameters. Floors are divided into 12-13 zones, each with its own temperature and time settings. This eliminates air-conditioning waste during late hours and helps to save energy.
  Optical fiber networks from a number of carriers are available in the office floors and event space. Portable phones can be used throughout the building.
  Dedicated computer terminals within the office control basic air-conditioning settings: extended air-conditioning during overtime hours, changes in temperature settings, application for working on holidays.
Fire extinguishers
Emergency lamp, Smoke sensor, Sprinkler, Emergency broadcast equipment
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